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Author: LukeD

Workplace and the Future_Header

Workplace and the Future

Exploring Australian worker’s experience of their current workplace COVID-19 and the world of work At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Australians were forced to move to online learning and remote working in response to the changing climate. The changing work landscape was positively received by 90% of Australians who shifted to online in the workplace. In

Exploring the Spiritual Climate_Header

Exploring the Spiritual Climate

Understanding how to create safe spaces to talk about faith and spirituality For most Australians, their gender (89%), ancestry and culture (85%), level of education (84%) and sexuality (83%) are key in defining their identity. For more than three in four Australians, their job/career (77%)

Initial reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine_Header

Initial reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine

Australians are divided when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine. While four in five (85%) want to get vaccinated, two in five (43%) want to get vaccinated as soon as possible while the same proportion (42%) only want to get vaccinated after many others. Only