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Author: LukeD

Who do Australians trust?

While trust is intangible, it is central to how Australians live and interact with one another in society1. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for Australians to revaluate their priorities, extending to the institutions they trust. Australian’s trust has predominantly decreased in both the

Back to the workplace_header

Back to the workplace

Exploring Australian sentiment of a post-pandemic workplace. Personal life vs. work life For many Australians, the pandemic was a time to re-evaluate and reassess their work and their future. In fact, one in two Australians (49%)1 agreed that their work from home arrangements helped them

Australians want to be back in the workplace header

Australians want to be back in the workplace

With the workplace being a key place of connection for seven in ten Australians (70%), it is unsurprising that following an extended period of online interaction, Australians are eager to be back in their workplace. Almost nine in ten Australians (86%) prefer to interact with

Australia remains a land of opportunity_header

Australia remains a land of opportunity

Many Australians believe that Australia is the land of opportunity, where people are given a chance to thrive and flourish. Overtime, however, Australia’s social fabric has evolved, with Australians revaluating what makes up the Australia we see today. Australia offers a great quality of life,

What makes a happy life for Australians_header

What makes a happy life for Australians?

Income, location and social network are just some of the factors that contribute to our quality of life in Australia, and indeed help Australians live a happy life. While Australian’s believe Australia still offers a great quality of life (56%), even if you don’t have

Australia’s financial health

Australia’s financial health

Australians rely on a steady income In order to stay afloat in the past 12 months, many Australians have had to dip into savings that would have otherwise remained untouched. Over half of Australians (57%) – if they were to stop earning an income today