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Author: LukeD

Australia’s financial health

Australia’s financial health

Australians rely on a steady income In order to stay afloat in the past 12 months, many Australians have had to dip into savings that would have otherwise remained untouched. Over half of Australians (57%) – if they were to stop earning an income today

Workplace and the Future_Header

Workplace and the Future

Exploring Australian worker’s experience of their current workplace COVID-19 and the world of work At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Australians were forced to move to online learning and remote working in response to the changing climate. The changing work landscape was positively received by 90% of Australians who shifted to online in the workplace. In

Exploring the Spiritual Climate_Header

Exploring the Spiritual Climate

Understanding how to create safe spaces to talk about faith and spirituality For most Australians, their gender (89%), ancestry and culture (85%), level of education (84%) and sexuality (83%) are key in defining their identity. For more than three in four Australians, their job/career (77%)

Initial reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine_Header

Initial reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine

Australians are divided when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine. While four in five (85%) want to get vaccinated, two in five (43%) want to get vaccinated as soon as possible while the same proportion (42%) only want to get vaccinated after many others. Only