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Author: JoshC

A different Christmas_Header

A different Christmas

A mentally healthy and aware Australia The challenges of lockdown and social isolation are shifting Australians priorities with almost nine in ten Australians (89%) agreeing, the events of 2020 have highlighted the importance of having a good support system. Positively, Australians are working towards their

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Optimism and Reality

Uncertainty leading into 2021 Not only have the events of 2020 stretched Australians beyond their capacity (55%), but many expect their struggles to continue. Three in five Australians (59%) are worried about the economy and how changes will affect their job in the year ahead.

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Screens, man’s new best friend

Phones are an integral part of Australians’ daily routines. One in two Australians access their phones during the last three minutes before they go to bed at night (54%) and during the first three minutes after waking up in the morning (53%). Australians are, however,

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The rise and fall of online platforms

TikTok Australia, a phase TikTok has big hype and a small following. While the app has made headlines recently, Australians’ prefer spending most of their time on Google (24%), Facebook (22%) and YouTube (19%). Only 3% of Australians are spending most of their time on