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Australians want to be back in the workplace

With the workplace being a key place of connection for seven in ten Australians (70%), it is unsurprising that following an extended period of online interaction, Australians are eager to be back in their workplace. Almost nine in ten Australians (86%) prefer to interact with colleagues face to face than on a screen. In fact, of this proportion, 73% of Australians definitely prefer to interact with colleagues face to face rather than on a screen, highlighting the importance of in person interaction for Australians.

Australians are experiencing social fatigue

Despite a desire to see colleagues face to face, Australians do report feeling fatigued when interacting with colleagues. One in three (34%) strongly/somewhat agree that they find themselves getting easily fatigued when spending time with friends and colleagues. Australians also acknowledge that when around colleagues and friends, they struggle to listen and pay close attention, with one in four (26%) strongly/somewhat agreeing.

Social fatigue is impacting Gen Z

Half of Gen Z Australians (50%) strongly/somewhat agree that as a result of COVID restrictions, they find themselves feeling easily fatigued (39% Gen Y cf. 42% Gen X, 20% Baby Boomers, 9% Builders). This is perhaps why a high proportion of Gen Z Australians struggle to listen and pay close attention to friends and colleagues due to the impact of COVID-19 restrictions (46% Gen Z, 28% Gen Y, cf. 28% Gen X, 13% Baby Boomers, 8% Builders).