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Australian residents love the livability and lifestyle their cities afford them

Australians are strongly connected to their land, whether it be the nation as a whole or the states and territories they live in. In the same way that the nation and states shape who Australians are, the character of states and our nation are shaped by those who live there.

Cities help to shape one’s identity

Not only do seven in ten Australian’s (69%) strongly or somewhat agree where they are from has played a key role in shaping their identity, but they also have strong affections for the city they live in. Three in five Australians are extremely/very proud of their city (60%) and their state (60%) while one in two love their city (39%).

“The myth and lure of country towns still loom large in the national psyche, yet just one in ten Australians lives in a town of less than 10,000 people. Three in four Australians live in a city and despite the romance of country life, most city dwellers like, or love their city.”
Mark McCrindle

Elements of a city considered to be most important

Many of the aspects that Sydneysiders and Melbournites love the most about their cities may feel out of reach due to lockdowns and restrictions. The elements of Sydney which they enjoy the most are its livability and lifestyle (60%) and the weather and climate (50%); elements Sydneysiders are surely eager to experience post-lockdown. Similarly, Melbourne residents enjoy the city’s livability and lifestyle (63%), food and culture (56%), atmosphere and vibe (46%) the most.

What aspects of your city do you love the most, and if you’re currently in lockdown, what are you looking forward to experiencing?