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Australia remains a land of opportunity

Many Australians believe that Australia is the land of opportunity, where people are given a chance to thrive and flourish. Overtime, however, Australia’s social fabric has evolved, with Australians revaluating what makes up the Australia we see today.

Australia offers a great quality of life, even if you don’t have a lot of money

Positively, more than 1 in 2 Australians (56%) believe Australia still offers a great quality of life, even if you don’t have a lot of money. This is interesting when considering the challenges many Australians today face with rising house prices and fewer employment opportunities

Younger Australian’s more likely to believe we’re in a classless society

Young Australians of today, have grown up in a society where the division of education and job type is less prevalent. Half of Gen Z Australians (50%) agree that Australia is a classless society, compared to 72% of Baby Boomers (cf. 50% Gen Y, 63% Gen X, 64% Builders). This may be due to the experience older generations have had growing up with clear socioeconomic divisions of education, job type and income.

Younger Australians are more likely to agree that Australians are on equal footing with one another as it is more achievable and visible in the world around them (60% Gen Z, 59% Gen Y cf. 47% Gen X, 36% Baby Boomers, 48% Builders).

“Australia is still the land of the fair go, with young people agreeing that it is a nation of opportunity, equality and offering a great quality of life even without a lot of money. However, re-emerging are class distinctions, aided by displays of wealth and more obvious differences between the have’s and have-nots.” – Mark McCrindle

Despite valuing opportunity and a fair go, Australian’s aren’t seeing it lived out in society

While remaining important to many Australians, the core values of the Aussie spirit are not seen being lived out in society today. In fact, the values that Australians consider essential are the least evident.

The top characteristics that Australians consider important in society include:

The top characteristics that Australians see being lived out in society today are:


1. No one is above the law

1. Aussie spirit of ingenuity, resilience and community mindedness

2. A ‘fair go’ for all (i.e. mutual respect, tolerance and help for those in need)

2. Freedoms we get to enjoy (e.g. freedom of speech, religion and association)


3. Equality of opportunity for all (regardless of their background)

3. Democracy where lawmakers are elected by the people


“While Australians list the most important national value as “no one is above the law”, it is also rated as the lowest to be lived out, highlighting a scepticism at the heart of our social fabric.” – Mark McCrindle