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Mainstreet Insights, initiative of Reventure and McCrindle, exists to provide insights to build flourishing communities. It seeks to understand Australians as people not just consumers or employees. It explores the big issues of life that are impacting main street Australia. From family and relationships to education, faith, wellbeing and work, it is a collection of timely insights that speaks into important community conversations to enable leaders to make informed decisions.

Who we are


Reventure Ltd is a not-for-profit organisation designed as a think-tank to undertake research and stimulate public debate about workplace matters. Our mission is to be the catalyst, collaborator and encourager of new thinking that transforms the way people and organisations view the purpose, value and meaning of work.


For more than a decade, McCrindle has been helping provide a clearer picture by using data to inform strategic planning and respond to emerging trends. All the tools, methods and processes we have developed are used to explore and interpret the unknown and bring clarity to complexity. We partner with organisations to discover the insights, tell the story, and guide the journey.